Throne of Wisdom; Throne of the Crucified

(Jesus Christ, Eternal Wisdom) has so thoroughly made his dwelling in the cross, that, without it, you will not find him in this world, and he has so incorporated and united himself with the cross, that we can truly say that Wisdom is the Cross and the Cross is Wisdom. […]

Auxilium Christianum, ora pro nobis!

Remember, Virgin Mary, Your heart is so benign, Never has it been known To pray to you in vain. No one has implored you, Confiding in your help, Not blessed with your assistance, Not delighting in your love. – St. Louis Marie de Montfort             […]

Friendship with the Cross

This is a detail from a much larger window in the Church of St. John the Baptist in Jersey City, NJ.  It depicts a scene that was once commonly portrayed in Catholic art – a family visit in which the Child Jesus with the Blessed Virgin his Mother are together […]