Act of Consecration of the New Website

We consecrate this site, great God,
And all of the work that will be undertaken by means of it,
For your glory alone,
Through the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Queen of all hearts,
To the service of Christ your Son
That the victory of his holy Cross and glorious Resurrection
May shine with ever-increasing brightness against the darkness of the world,
And that the hearts of those who labor in his service
Beneath the banner and protection of the Most Blessed Mother
May be renewed in the strength of that victory
As they labor on behalf of his Kingdom
Who is Lord for ever and ever.

One thought on “Act of Consecration of the New Website

  1. This prayer was originally composed for the launching of the website for the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts. It certainly fits well here as this site which is also dedicated to promoting the reign of Jesus through Mary is brought online.

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